miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009


UNA CURIOSIDAD: Si hiciéramos un agujero en Nueva Zelanda que atravesara este planeta apareceríamos en, ¿adivinas donde?, pues si, en Sevilla España.
A curiosity: If we were a hole in New Zealand appear to cross this planet in, guess where?, because if Seville in Spain.
____________________ ELLA DICE - SAID: Brrr it's getting cold here. For me, winter fashion is always an interesting challenge of trying to look reasonably normal whilst wearing about a billion layers and plenty of merino. I have Raynauds Syndrome which pretty much just means I'm a freak with bad circulation and high sensitivity to the cold so I'm freezing my arse off even though, technically, it's still only autumn. At least it means I get to trek off to uni in these boots. Wearing merino leggings - Icebreaker, lace leggings - Supre, boots - Zola Collection, high-waisted skirt - Valleygirl, merino top - Glassons, cropped cardigan - Farmers.
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