martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Precisa-se de Amigas, Hering, Costume, C&A, Arezzo

AWARD para o seu blog ¡CONGRATULATIONS ¡
ELLA DICE - MARIANE DISSE: Camiseta Hering "Poncho" cinza Costume Calça da Fergie para C&A Sapato peep-toe Arezzo
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Mariane Martins Manso dijo...

Hi! My name is Mariane and I received the amazing gift of being congratulated with this award.

I'm glad that you choose this look, cause the black dress it is made by another blog and i bought it and the lace belt when they open their atelier here in Sao Paulo.

I put the boot cause I wanted to do a "hi-low" outfit.

About the other look, I have to tell that I was really confused when i dressed it up.
But i soon as I arrived in my university, a lot of friends came to say that it was nice... i was really glad about. My mother gave me the poncho.
And I chose the shoes because it is a colar that we are wearing a lot in brazil and it is very confortable.

I'd like to thanks Vicen again... and it's always a pleasure to talk with you and visit your blog.

Lot of kisses,


Primeira vez que visito esse blog e vejo que gente estilosa é o que não falta por aqui.



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