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BLOG OF THE WEEK, Cipelica - Štiklica

Author: Jovana Bovan

Blog: Cipelica - Štiklica

COUNTRY: Serbia - Republika Srbija

Serbia Fashion Blogs



How did you get the idea to create your blog?

A couple of years ago i came across these 3 blogs The Blonde Salad, Late Afternoon and Ar-Ar 1, 2, What those girls did seemed interesting, but i was interested how a blogger functions more than anything. I made a profile on google, then a blog and then came the first post.

How would you describe your style?

You could describe my clothing style as romantic and in better part womanly, and that is what I prefer, but also, every now and then, in my combinations, I let a bit of casual, urban and rock go through.

What other blog, if you have one, inspires you in a special way and would you recommend? Besides LOOK 10 of course.

I recommend facebook page Serbian Stylebook (Modni blogovi) where you can follow all serbian fashion blogs and find inspiration.

Who or what has been your greatest fashion inspiration and do you feel influenced by the trends?

My inspiration is in general triggered by the things that surround me, everyday, little things above all, but also various motion pictures, fashion magazines, blogs. I do not follow fashion blindly. As far as fashion trends go, I only take up and adopt ideas which I like, which I can suit my body and fit my style best.

Do you think fashion blogs might influence big brands and of course designers and creators?

Considering how popularity of fashion blog is rising, I believe they can.

How do you value the fashion market in your country? Do you think it's on an international level?

Serbia is missing real sales, as well as anywhere abroad. If brands were more accessible and affordable, street fashion would become more interesting.

Are you now with any project in hands that can lead you to where you want to be in the fashion world?

Unfortunately not.

Finally, would you like to add anything else or what’s the one question you wish people asked you but you’ve never had the opportunity to answer?

I would just recommend readers to be themselves, wear what they are and always play with fashion.

And that’s it, thank you very much and all the best to your blog.

Translated into English by: The Seeker

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Tere dijo...

muy linda que es :D


vicen dijo...

Siempre cuento con tu cariño.
Bss cielo

Jovana Bovan dijo...

Gracias. :)

vicen dijo...

Gracias a ti.
; )

Lyosha dijo...

thanks for sharing her blog with us!

vicen dijo...

Thank you for comment, is very friendly and nice.

Kata dijo...

I like this idea.Nice to reading her answer.Thanks.

I just send you email.Hope you get it.kiss.

Greetings from.Finland Kata

Jani send regard too.

vicen dijo...

Thanks for commenting, we will be in touch.


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