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Fashionistic Scrapbook ( INTERVIEW )

Author: Meelusha
Country: ROMANIA
How did you get the idea to create your blog?
I first started the blog, so I could promote my handmade creations and then, slowly it turned into my fashionistic diary, as I wanted to share my passion for fashion with others as well. It’s apparently a blog about what I love to wear, about places I adore, but for those who are willing to read thru the lines, there’s also a part of who I am, past the passion for fashion, revealed there.

How would you describe your style?
I would definitely describe my style as a mix of everything that’s out there and the best “mirror” for who I am, sometimes I am a funny, girlie girl who loves tulle and pink, the other day I would be the 50’s style lady, on the next the modern office gal or even go for a rocky grunge look. My clothes are my mood indicator for sure :)

What other blog, if you have one, inspires you in a special way and would you recommend? Besides LOOK 10 of course.
There are plenty of good blogs out there, impossible to keep track of all. I of course love the really famous ones like the Chicmuse or the Sartorialist, but I also adore to get inspired by local Romanian blogs, that become better and better every day: my faves are Fashezine (by Ioana Liliana Gheorghe), Absolutely Fabulous -Fabulous Muses (by
Alina Tanasa and Diana Enciu) and Thrill of the Heel (by Andreea Balaban)

Who or what has been your greatest fashion inspiration and do you feel influenced by the trends?
I for one do not like to fully follow trends. I observe, I absorb, I combine & implement my own interpretation of trends, that would usually be a mix of at least two different styles. I love to go for vintage & modern, cheap & expensive, kitsch & elegant, girlie & lady together in order to get a new, original look & style, that does not
look like just copy & pasting a window display outfit. In terms of greatest fashion inspiration…hmm…my mom has always been an icon for me, she has inspired me a lot, especially in regards to my 60s and 70s combinations. Apart from her, my big inspiration is the Street, at
home or while travelling, I love to soak up the street catwalk vibes and get inspired by what I see walking by.

Do you think fashion blogs might influence big brands and of course designers and creators?
For sure, blogs are already an extremely strong influence factor on the fashion industry and looking forward I can only see them expanding and developing their power even more, blogs will one day rule the fashion world completely :)

How do you value the fashion market in your country? Do you think it's on an international level?
Romanians are all crazy about fashion, especially women love to dress up and be super styled, so walking the Bucharest (capital) streets for example is for sure a feast for the eyes. Some do it better than others, some confuse “styled” or “sexy” with “almost naked” or “as slutty as it gets”, but in any case Romanians do try to
look their best and care a whole lot about their image once they leave the house. Trends are absorbed almost instantly, while the Romanian Fashion has changed dramatically over the past years, looking on the streets, especially due to cheaper trendy brands like H&M, Inditex
Group or Mango making nice clothes accessible for all. There are also more and more young Romanian designers who managed to even break thru at international level (Maria Lucia Hohan for example). Is Romania at international level? Maybe not in terms of overall
spending, but for sure in terms of trends!

Are you now with any project in hands that can lead you to where you want to be in the fashion world?
A project on my hands not yet, BUT a big dream in my mind which will hopefully turn into reality in the next 1-2 years: it’s going to be related to fashion at a small scale and that’s all I am ready to give away right now :) Fingers crossed :)

Finally, would you like to add anything else or what’s the one question you wish people asked you but you’ve never had the opportunity to answer?
Fashion is almost like a drug, it’s passion, it’s art, it’s beauty, it’s playing around with statements about how we want to appear on the outside :), live would be so dull without style, but nevertheless I would insist on not ever forgetting who we really are, regardless of what we wear and how, not ever forgetting about what really matters in
life…Clothes & accessories are fun and nice to have, but at the end of the day, they are just things and they should not matter more than things! Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you!

Translated into English by: The Seeker

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