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How to create your own fashion blog and succeed

How to create your own fashion blog and succeed
If you are a fashion enthusiast and you would like to make it public to the world, why not create your own fashion blog and become a referenced blogger? You might one day get paid to give reviews on what you are most passionate about. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and take it step by step.

1. Create your blog.

The first thing you have to do is to create your own blog. You have many possibilities although I highly advice Google for a simple efficient method, without any cost. Offering you complements and support, assuring your blog has everything it needs to function. Once you create the blog you will be asked to choose a name for it. My advice is to pick a short name for it since it’s much easier to remember. Most people opt for an English name, but don’t exclude the option of making it Spanish given that over 500 million people speak it throughout the globe. Make sure the format of your blog is user-friendly and easy to explore. Steer away from bright colours, the simpler and lighter the colours, the more soothing they will be. Make sure the structure of the content is clear, creating specific and exclusive links for your outfits and each subject and theme (trips, cooking, etc.). You can include music on your blog, but it’s preferable if the visitor can play the music themselves if they wish to. Something like this:
Ludovico Einaudi - "Divenire"
To learn how to do this, visit this LINK

2.Define your style based on the following types .

But…what is style? First of all I must say that one is born with style and it is present in almost everything we do, our behavior, our way of dressing, how we to hold a glass, the way we communicate and even how we lock a door. As an example, in a meeting room, a girl that did not form part of the department wouldn’t stop coming in and out of the room. Every time she closed the door she slammed it. The first time she did it we thought it had been an accident but later on we realisedit was a rule, a habit. With this behaviour we could tell many things about this girl’s style, and could be easily transferred to the sphere of fashion and anything else.
Let’s take a look at the different styles there are.

Female fashion, fifties style.

Maybe you have your own style, suggest it HERE

3. The graphics (photos of your outfit).

In your blog you display your own style and in many cases your preferences and tastes, taken from your way of living and dressing, after all, that's Fashion. Your outfits deserve their own chapter. If you are going to show a complete look it’s convenient that the photo is vertical, something like this:
(Beware of the shadow created by the photographer, it can destroy a perfectly good picture), Try not to leave out parts of your image in the picture frame: shoes, bags, etc.
If you would like to display the surroundings, you should take the picture in a landscape mode, as in the image below:
(Beware of the shadow created by the photographer, it can destroy a perfectly good picture), Try not to leave out parts of your image in the picture frame: shoes, bags, etc.
If you would like to display the surroundings, you should take the picture in a landscape mode, as in the image below:

Blog: Lucie Mint

To display a picture of certain details of your outfit (shoes, purse, etc.), it’s convenient that the picture be squared:

Blog: Kolorowe NaStroge
Thanks Zuzu

You must also be aware of the environment of your photo. If it’s taken indoors, it’s not aesthetically pleasing to see your clothes or complements lying on the floor, or displayed in a disorderly manor. Whenever you can, make a slight description of what you are wearing, where you have gotten it from, etc., providing the viewer with the most information possible.
To take some good pictures you can ask for assistance in a friend, family member, etc. However, it is possible to take your own pictures. All you need is a camara (no need for it to be professional) and a tripod. Then you just need to pick the appropriate place to take the picture in and let the timer do the rest. A good example is the blog “Jewel Style”, Maria, the blog editor, usually picks places close to her home (a very privileged place I might add) and delights us with her stunning looks and snapshots of the environment. I leave a few examples below for you to take some notes:
The following is a close shot of some details.

The following is a close shot of some details.
And remember, first impressions are everything.

4. Join LOOK 10.

It is a blog that collects outfits from all five continents and is composed of people from the fashion world who think like you. You join by clicking on this LINK: LOOK 10

5. Capture ideas.

Nothing is better to learn than totake atour of other blogs, the best option is to go to the BLOG on FASHION BLOGS:
Once you take a look at how other bloggers you can inspire yourself and start your new fabulous blog! .

6. Inform yourself in the world of Fashion.

Besides visiting other fashion blogs (which you can do in: FASHION BLOGS DIRECTORY) you must be well informed and know what the most important fashion magazines are saying about the latest trends.
Another interesting option to stay up to date of the latest tendencies is the RTVE program, SOLO MODA, hosted by the model Nieves Alvarez who aims to promote and raise awareness of the fashion universe nationally and internationally.
In the following, you can see an example of her presentation whichit is the first chapter of her fantastic series.

Links to all programs of SOLO MODA

7 . Stay up to date with the designers.

Another way of keeping up with the fashion industry is to periodically visit the most important designer’s webs. You can analysethe new collections, be informed on the main events and runways related to the fashion world. To learn about the designers that have created trends and eras is also a great option, and you can do it in this link:
Designer history.
Georgio Armani
Georgio Armani

8. Learn more about fashion.

If you seriously intend on dedicating your like to fashion you should think about attending courses about design and creation. There are many academies that can prepare you, who knows, maybe you can be tomorrow’s next trend-setting designer. But anyway, to know who fashion started and its history I recommend the following LINK::
And last but not least….

9. Don’t give up.

If you’re just getting started with your blog and you don’t see the results you had hoped for, don’t worry, just know that it takes time. Try to update your blog as often as possible and with wearable but original outfits- yes, this can seem hard-, unless you make your own clothes like some bloggers do. It allows them to adapt their outfits to their particular taste and make them as original as possible. Here’s an example:
Talent's Sister
One of the models provided by the Burda magazine can be transformed into something this beautiful.
You can change the colour of the fabric, the pockets, change the length and size, etc. Everything molded to your taste.
That’s why you make it yourself, isn’t it? Lots of people prefer to create their own clothes.
This is all for now, if you have any doubts visit LOOK 10, there are hundreds of fashion blogs, many of which have achieved popularity in the international level, this allows them to make a living of what they love, what more do you want?
Good luck friend.



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