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How did you get the idea to create your blog?

I saw other bloggers posting their own outfit photos and thought to myself "I can do that too!" So I started to.

How would you describe your style?

Classic with an edge.

What other blog, if you have one, inspires you in a special way and would you recommend? Besides LOOK 10 of course.

Sincerely Jules, That's Chic, Neon Blush

Who or what has been your greatest fashion inspiration and do you feel influenced by the trends?

I don't know that I have one single inspiration. I read a lot of blogs and magazines, so it's a combination of a few. And yes, I definitely follow trends, but I don't pick up too many...

Do you think fashion blogs might influence big brands and of course designers and creators?

Of course! The more prevalent they become, the louder the voice of bloggers will become. They've already begun to collaborate with designers and inspire trends.

How do you value the fashion market in your country? Do you think it's on an international level?

Yes, it's definitely international. Most of the largest design houses are based outside the United States and many of the fast fashion stores are as well. Trends are international too since we can be inspired by bloggers all over the world.

Are you now with any project in hands that can lead you to where you want to be in the fashion world?

I've had the chance to do so many things and meet so many people that I never thought I would when I first started my blog. In a sense, everything I've done with my blog has led me in the direction I want to go in...

Finally, would you like to add anything else or what’s the one question you wish people asked you but you’ve never had the opportunity to answer?

My favorite place to find trend inspiration is in my mom's closet.

About Neekoh

And that’s it, thank you very much and all the best to your blog.

Translated into English by: The Seeker

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Kata dijo...

Intresting read this.Thanks!♥

Anónimo dijo...

Como siempre una entrevista impecable q nos desvela blogs nuevos donde inspirarnos y donde pone d manifiesto algo q siempre digo. Q d lo mejorcito q aporta tener un blog es esa posibilidad d conocer gente afín a ti y con la q compartir inquietudes q acaban convirtiéndose en verdaderos amigos.
Gracias por tu labor (por cierto del email q m mandaste no veo nada!!)
Un beso mi niño y feliz comienzo d semana!!

(tengo también entradita nueva, espero q t guste, ya m dices: )

Tere Ávila dijo...

que mona es, me ha gustado conocerla!


vicen dijo...

Thanks for your comment.

vicen dijo...

Gracias por tus palabras de apoyo, siento lo del link, tendré que seguir investigando, ahora me paso por tu blog.
Besos cielo

vicen dijo...

Me alegro que te guste, gracias por tu presencia.

Talent's Sister dijo...

Es magnifico conocer nouevos blogs a través de tu blog! La chica es muy simpatica y tiene unos looks interesantes.

vicen dijo...

Me encanta que comentes en mi blog, tu opinión cuenta mucho.
Gracias amiga.

Anónimo dijo...

Ya tengo tu muñequita pueta pero m he cargado el contador d visitas. En un rato t mando un email a ver si m puedes ayudar q ando perdida.
Millones d besos


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