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BLOG OF THE WEEK, Enchanted Gardens

Author: Matea

Blog: Enchanted Gardens

Country: CROATIA




How did you get the idea to create your blog?

When I stumbled on my first blog a few years ago I discovered a whole new world. I liked it so much that I got instantly hooked. So after some time, I wanted to create my little virtual space for inspiration. It wasn't about my outfits at first, but then it just grew.

How would you describe your style?

Tough question. First thing that comes to my mind is simple chic with a little edge. I love to add a little grunge and rock details to simple outfits. Music influence me enormously.

What other blog, if you have one, inspires you in a special way and would you recommend? Besides LOOK 10 of course.

Of course, besides LOOK 10, I have few blogs that I check on a daily basis. I love personal blogs of girls around the world and streetstyle blogs. My favorites would be Carolines mode, Stockholm Streetstyle, Jak & Jil, Victoria Tornegren, No Fashion Victims, Angelica Blick, Fanny Lyckman, Come over to the dark side we have candy...oh and my absolute favorite when it comes to a little life inspiration is hardtoexplain.

Who or what has been your greatest fashion inspiration and do you feel influenced by the trends?

Of course I'm influenced by trends. They bring a little "fresh" air and it's fun to use them in our favor. Few years ago I was all about boho chic and I loved '60s and '70s fashion and spirit. I was influenced by Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller... Now a days I still love the spirit, music and the whole era, but don't practice the fashion anymore.

Do you think fashion blogs might influence big brands and of course designers and creators?

I think they can influence big brands. I believe we all came to this point where we are sick of celebrities and their enormous budgets and we are mostly inspired with real people who bring and interpret runway fashion to streets.

How do you value the fashion market in your country? Do you think it's on an international level?

It definitely isn't on an international level, but we have some really talented creative people who are slowly making our fashion market more and more recognizable.

Are you now with any project in hands that can lead you to where you want to be in the fashion world?

I have just finished some interesting projects and I am extremely happy that blog gave me amazing opportunities and is slowly leading me into fashion world. I hope someday (soon:)) I will be able to work in a fashion magazine or/and as a stylist. Fingers crossed.

Finally, would you like to add anything else or what’s the one question you wish people asked you but you’ve never had the opportunity to answer?

I think that's about it :)

Wishing you a wonderful day, Matea

And that’s it, thank you very much and all the best to your blog.

Translated into English by: The Seeker

4 comentarios:

Tere Ávila dijo...

gran entrevista vicen, como siempre!


vicen dijo...

Muchas gracias cielo, siempre animandome a estar aquí.
Te deseo lo mejor, suerte amiga.

Gypsy Gardens dijo...

Thank you so much Vicen! :**

vicen dijo...

Gypsy Gardens:
Very kind comment.


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