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BLOG OF THE WEEK, Lucine's Blog

Author: Lucine

Blog: Lucine's Blog

COUNTRY: Tallinn, Estonia


How did you get the idea to create your blog?

I got inspired by Popular Fashion Societies. I used to visit different kind of fashion blogs. Then I thought to myself why not to try? People were interested in my life and personal opinion on fashion. So I decided to create my personal page where I could share my looks, ideas, vision, lifestyle and own styling skills.

How would you describe your style?

My friends say I´m always elegant. I would say my style varies. More often it is classic and smooth. I don´t wear a lot of jewellery, although I love 70ies. I love heels and try to stay chic all the time, meanwhile I never spend much money on clothing. I love paring some mannish garments, yet staying feminine.

What other blog, if you have one, inspires you in a special way and would you recommend? Besides LOOK 10 of course.
I have an old good friend Inga from http://intriguemenow.co.uk I never thought that growing up we would be both addicted to fashion. At the moment, she´s one of those people whos style I consider to be perfect and very inspiring.

Who or what has been your greatest fashion inspiration and do you feel influenced by the trends?
I follow the trends, but never been influenced by them. I never wear anything if it doesn´t suit me well. For example, one of my greatest fashion inspiration is Carrie Bradshow (SJP). Her styling and clothes impressed me, but I would never dare to try them on me, cause that is not my „cup of tea“.

Do you think fashion blogs might influence big brands and of course designers and creators?

Fashion is Art and it´s unreachable. Style bloggers convey a demacratic way of fashion that anyone can try. Ever since blogging became popular, people started to share their opinions on different products with millions of people. Many fashion bloggers managed to distinguish themselves as style icons. Today different designers have been inspired by the popular bloggers, but some global fashion brands still use them as a tool to promote their products.

How do you value the fashion market in your country? Do you think it's on an international level?
Estonia is a small country, the fashion market cannot reach an international level because of the few competition. The purchasing power here is not as big as in Western countries, yet many international brands keep entering the market.

Are you now with any project in hands that can lead you to where you want to be in the fashion world?
Since my blog has been created, I´ve started to receive many propositions to write articles about fashion and trends. I´ve been interviewed several times on the radio about fashion blogging. At the moment I´m working on a very interesting project which will be launched very soon. Follow my Blog ;)

Finally, would you like to add anything else or what’s the one question you wish people asked you but you’ve never had the opportunity to answer?
I would like to wish everyone to be more confident and creative. Blogging is the best way to share ideas and interests. It gives many opportunities to make dream come true and become a bit closer to world fashion industry.

And that’s it, thank you very much and all the best to your blog.

Translated into English by: The Seeker

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Estupendo blog semanal, la chica es guapísima y en la foto d cabecera está prácticamente perfecta!!
M gusta la entrevista pq ayuda a conocerla un poco más. M quedo con su final y el consejo d q arriesguemos más a la hora d vestirnos q d ahí surgen las ideas e inspiraciones para todos los demás... Y creo q tiene toda la razón, blogger nos da el espacio idóneo para ello!!
Estupenda elección y entrevista, como es habitual en tí, un trabajo IMPECABLE!!!!
Un beso grande mi niño y como siempre GRACIAS!!

Seeker dijo...

¡Qué gran entrevista! Una chica muy agradable y me gusta mucho sus respuestas.
Y muchas gracias por mencionar me. Es una persona querida y maravillosa.
Besos de tu amiga.

teresweetstyle dijo...

ideal ese look de la faldita, esta divina!
y encima ahora periodista!


X dijo...

Muchas gracias por tu comment tan..........elegante y completo además de amable conmigo.
Un beso y toda mi gratitud para ti.

X dijo...

The Seeker:
Gracias por comentar y es gracias a tu colaboración que ha quedado tan bonita.
Besos o Kiss.

X dijo...

Siempre puedo contar contigo y eso me da mucha fuerza para seguir.
Un gran beso para ti y muchas gracias.


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