sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009


BLOG: $ouLphate
ELLA DICE- SAID: tanktop,scarf and highwaisted skirt from h&m, zara cardigan, aa legging and birckenstock sandals.
LOOK 338

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$ouLphate dijo...

i'm very honoured to be picked on the Look 10!! and that im worthy enough for it.. thanks a bunch ^^ it really makes me happy! anyway..more about my taste.. well my style is really ever changing, but for now i like to mix street with more chic looks! don't wear the jeans very often anymore but i still like 'm.. as for my inspiration it's from a lot of other bloggers etc =) hope this was enough and thanks again xoxo phuong from soulphate

Ayoko (my actual middle name) dijo...

I love this look, for some reason i was drawn to it


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